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Welcome to iMEP: B2B Marketing and Consulting Service Provider

iMEP is not your typical marketing company. We do not just promise “warm leads”, or “marketing funnels” or “Facebook likes” and leave you hanging and does not convert into customers, contracts or cash. We provide focused IVY-LEAGUE MARKETING STRATEGY & EXECUTION that GETS RESULTS.

We do not just provide sales leads, we find sales leads, develop your value proposition and present it to prospective customers to add to your bottom line all at a fraction of the cost of full-time marketing staff.

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TheiMEP Difference

Markets Competitive…Strategic Marketing Critical



Our Service Cycle covers the A to Z of domestic and international marketing. We are Atlantic Canada’s 1st Export Marketing Management Company providing services from strategy to sales to RESULTS.

The marketing strategies we apply are based on a combination of IVY-LEAGUE, MBA-LEAVE marketing frameworks, industry experience and study under various industry gurus that can be summed up into a very basic principle:  Give People What they Want.

IMEP was founded on the principle of that North American products can contend with any global competitor. Often the problem is that SMEs lack the expertise, resources or time to effectively market their product(s). Our approach starts with laying a foundation of results-driven research and crafting an effective 1) Marketing Strategy. The best suited markets are targeted for growth and 2) Sales contacts identified. Strategic Marketing tactics are utilized on these contacts to develop sales. iMEP then handles all the necessary documentation and distribution channels for 3) Shipping your product to the buyer.

At iMEP, our team of Professionals will exceed our client expectations with:

  • Cornell University, MBA-Level Marketing Strategy
  • Production Strategies to increase efficiency
  • Government proposal writing to secure available fundi
  • Marketing functions from research to strategy to sales
  • At a fraction of the cost of full-time marketing staff


Export Marketing

To research the Caribbean market (Jamaica, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos,

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Attraction Marketing

To develop an aggressive marketing campaign highlighting the attributes and

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New Product Launch

Driftcutters is an innovative product developed for increase the capacity of

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SME Growth

Cottles Island Lumber Ltd. Expanded its product line to include cladding, flooring,

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Supply Chain Development

Regional Supplier Community (SMEs/manufacturing companies) in the Discovery

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Strategic Market Planning

To research the Caribbean market (Jamaica, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico

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