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About iMEP

Sound like Fairy Tale?

Listen…If you BELIEVE in your product, if you BELIEVE your BUSINESS has great POTENTIAL then we at iMEP BELIEVE we can take your business STRATEGICALLY TO CLOUD NINE – or simply help your company reach its potential.

We do not promise a spread sheet full of leads or a ton of Facebook likes in exchange for a bill and no results. In the area of the service offering for getting results, at iMEP we provide winning solutionS for our clients marketing problems. We provide strategic, in-depth solutions that get results as testaments of this can be found through our client testimonials. We provide in-depth market research to acutely know our clients market prior to developing any strategy. Our market research always includes primary research to conduct extensive consultation with decision makers throughout the sales channels so that once we are ready to develop a game winning strategy we have already greased the wheels for distribution of the product to the targeted buyers. This results in a marketing and branding strategy that cuts to the core of targeted buyer desires and purchase behavior so that our client product or service can stand out from their competitors. Our marketing collateral development such as logo, branding and marketing tactics such as websites, video ads, online / printed brochures, social media strategies, advertising, etc. will reach the target customer in a meaningful way and GET RESULTS taking our clients to the potential of their companies…or as we call it – CLOUD NINE…STRATEGICALLY.

We are a full-service business development and marketing company for service companies, industrial companies and manufacturers. We bring more than 50 years combined experience for B2B marketing strategies for increased sales to lowering costs of goods sold and increasing productivity to proposal development to raise capital. I have personally walked hundreds of manufacturing floors to help them GROW and get REAL RESULTS!