Branding Services and Attraction Marketing


Project Objective: To develop an aggressive marketing campaign highlighting the attributes and benefits of the industrial park through various strategic marketing tactics.  The results of new developments and multi-million dollar developments will enhance the capacity of the area and create sustainability for the region. 

Summary:  iMEP and associates were responsible for assessing the Marystown area and Burin Peninsula for business attractiveness through consulting with strategic industry stakeholders such as Peter Kewit and Exxon Mobile along with other government stakeholders and conducing a jurisdictional scan through visiting other areas of Canada.  Through this research, development various marketing collateral such as high quality brand messaging, logo, website, advertisements, online brochure, etc. with the goal of promoting the development of the supply and service sectors and attracting business investment to the area through highlighting multi-billion dollar oil and gas opportunities.  This assessment provided the foundation for in-depth analysis of key attributes to draw target business and develop a strategic market gap analysis for marketing and branding strategy development.  A high quality marketing / branding package for business attraction.





Project Objective: Project developed on behalf of the Department of NL Agriculture to conduct various consultations with industry and government stakeholders as well as jurisdictional research to assess current and past agricultural student program development.  The premise of the project was to develop marketing, branding and marketing collateral recommendations and program to attract new student entrants into the NL agriculture industry.

Summary:  iMEP and associates were responsible for researching the agriculture industry for current programs available for attracting and supporting new entrants in Newfoundland and Labrador compared to other Canadian jurisdictions, as well as other countries, where agriculture is a major industry.  The assessment reviewed all areas of agriculture including production, marketing, financial management as well as professionals and consultants who support the industry (i.e. veterinarians, agriculturalists, soil specialists, etc.).  Consultations were also held with a number of industry and government stakeholders through NL.  Upon completion of the assessment, iMEP provided recommendations and developed program structures in relation to mentoring, scholarship and career day programs for future implementation for attracting new student entrants into the agriculture industry.  This included marketing materials, a website / career portal and budgetary assessment and recommendations.