Increased Productivity

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to vitory. Tactics without strategy is noise before defeat”

– Sun Tzu

Productivity affect profits. It doesn’t matter if you produce a product or provide a service…TIME IS MONEY. Small adjustments in your productivity on a daily basis can lead to significant changes in your profits over weeks, months and years. Our productivity enhancements can make the different from a failing company to one that is thriving. Companies that implement this are finding increases in servicing a customer or producing a product of 20-50% by making slight, but consistent adjustments in their processes and we can help you get there.

To remain competitive in this new economy lean processes are key to providing the customer with products and services with utmost quality and efficiency that are competitively priced. •Keeping your processes efficient also means increased servicing of customers and productivity without additional Input meaning increased profits.

We do this through the following procedure:
– Identifying the work flow for your service or manufacturing process
– Breaking down each and every process to identify lean servicing / manufacturing improvements
– Track records to analyze financial and customer satisfaction date
– Create a scorecard based on customer satisfaction, efficiency of production and/or service delivery and
areas of potential improvement
– Collaborate on suggested areas of improvement to develop process improvement recommendations