"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory."

"Tactics without strategy is noise before defeat."

Marketing Strategy Services

Marketing is key to success for any business. For a company to grow the buisness must offer a competitive product at a competitive price along with quality service all backed by a solid marketing strategy. A focus on lead generation and sales without a holistic approach to the market you are in is a recipe for business failure. You can know your competitive advantage, strive to lower costs, focus on high volume and profit margin but not a strategy that is built on your target market byer preferences (things that make them go hmmmmm…) and meaningfully connecting with your consumer is like framing a house without anything to hold it in place. All these things look good on paper but without striving to provide superior customer value and customer satisfaction you will have trouble surviving, let alone growing in this globally competitive millennium.

Our marketing strategy services cover the following with an emphasis on implementation and results:

  • – Marketing Segmentation
  • – Target markets
  • – Competitive analysis
  • – Points of difference and points of parity
  • – Branding and value poposition based on desires of target
  • – Positioning
  • – 4 P’s for product and 7 P’s for service
  • – Implementation & Accountability scheduling