New Product Launch


Driftcutters is an innovative product developed for increase the capacity of snow blowers and other snowclearing machinery to cut down high drifts. A test market was established to find early adopters who would use the product and offer suggestions for improvement. Using our new product launch framework we have identified several adjustments to the product and used our new product launch framework to develop a results-oriented marketing strategy to sell the product through dealerships and retail chain stores.

“Alex did a great job on our business and marketing plan. He put together a strategy for launching this new Product that covers every angle. He also provided a strategic marketing plan that outlined a great phased plan To get the product sold through dealers and retail store chains. Awesome work!”

– Jason Lane, CEO
Driftcutters Ltd.

Newfound Fresh Produce

Newfound Fresh provides an innovative way to grow produce in northern climates. iMEP was tasked with providing technological support and a market penetration strategy. Through consumer research and Supply chain consultation provided a marketing strategy and branding / promotional plan. Company is currently in a situation where there is more demand than supply.

“Alex has been very professional and approachable. The marketing strategy and sales channel research has put us in a position to sell beyond our current capacity. The corporate business plan is in-depth covering foreseeable hurdles and presents excellent financial viability with concrete numbers.”

– Paul Yetman
New found Fresh Produce