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Branding Strategy

Branding is not the same as marketing strategy and it is important to know the difference.  It is a bland vs. brand battle with your competitors to stand out from the crowd and provide your target market with a compelling reason to choose your company.  At iMEP we are like the bait on your hook to reel your target market in.  iMEP takes a multi-pronged approach develop your "WHY US" (value proposition) to persuade the prospective customer to stop, consdider and act on your branding message rather than quickly turning to your competitor.  We do this by helping you develop a clear branding message.  A brand message that avoids the cookie cutter approach and integrates all of your market efforts to convey your distinct benefits and what sets you apart from the crowd.  A brand message that converts prospective customer to long term clients.

BUILDING YOUR BRAND PLATFORM - Your brand is not tangible.  It lives in the minds of your customers.  Its a culmination of all the positive associations that stand behind your logo and all other marketing collateral.  We don't just try to design a great logo or website.  We go below the surface to determine what motivates your target market to buy.  The psychology behind the purchase.  A flashy logo or website that does not appeal to the purchase motivations of your buyer persona will have little result.  We use tools like our patented Consumer Purchase Motivation (CPM) Matrix & AOI Analysis to provide a brand platform to build a powerful brand that gets RESULTS! 

BONUS: For a limited number of companies we are offering two Powerful Brand Building Tools

AOI ANALYSIS - we analyze you and your competitors' customers to carry out a psychological segmentation to provide insight on what your target market likes, their interests and how their purchasing though process works.
iMEP Consumer Purchase Motivation (CPM) Matrix - our patented brand research framework that clearly shows why customers purchase from your, areas of strength, where to focus improvements, how you rank against key competitors and keys to an effective brand promise.

The Power of iMEP's CPM Matrix

iMEP was hired by a client to determine how they could improve their market positioning.  Management assumed certain criterion that attracted their customers and made this the focus of their promotional efforts.  However, after running our CPM Matrix it was determined there were other factors that were motivating their target market to purchase.  We used this information to change their brand messaging and helped them sell to capacity!

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We don't just promise a flashy logo with a sharpe website.  We get in the heads of your target market to find out what motivates their purchase decisions and build a powerful BRAND that GETS RESULTS!