SME Growth

Cottles Island Lumber Ltd.

Cottles Island Lumber Ltd. Expanded its product line to include cladding, flooring, chalets and energy products. IMEP helped them develop a marketing tactics and a promotional strategy for each of their products and sales channel development through a province-wide network of dealers and chain stores. Target marketing, branding and a promotional mix that included point of sales displays helped boost sales in their domestic market.

“Alex helped us grow our value added building product sales base by developing outstanding promotional Materials and working with targeted retailers to ensure their tools were used effectively. Alex’s patience, skills And professionalism helped us grow an important piece of our business in a very challenging market.

– Stephen Rideout, COO
Cottles Island Lumber Ltd.

Precision Industries Inc.

Precision Industries Inc. Was looking to grow their market base. However, being well known in the domestic Marketplace, management felt it was time to start looking to expand with our proven product into new markets. We evaluated the business and completed a product / market assessment find a strategic fit for the company. We then established sales channels and put together an effective marketing mix to help the company penetrate the market.

“The planning and approach of Alex (and associates) for the Bahamas export project has led to a number of potential sales leads for our company. Through their thorough market research and marketing strategy development and implementation we are in a very good position to exploit opportunities for our product in this market.”

– Barry Andrews, Business Development
Precision Industries Inc.

Aunt Minnies Frozen Foods Inc.

AMFF had developed a brand that was in high demand locally but they wanted to expand. To do so they had to find ways to increase capacity while developing new sales channels. We did this by examining their current Processes, finding ways to improve, developed a plant layout and worked with industry expertise to find the Right equipment. We then set out to develop sales channels that included wholesale distributors as well as chain stores.

“With iMEP doing a first hand (market) assessment of our current buyers, we realized the potential to service National chains was real. We are confident that with the help of iMEP our products will be severed right across Canada and beyond!”

-Clyde Peddle, Owener
AMFF Industries Ltd

Triple H Custom Design Cabinets Inc.

Triple H Custom Design Cabinets Inc. was doing well in their market but wanted to expand their option into other markets. iMEP went to work to help them find a high-end market that had significant developments that were a strategic fit for their products. We got on the ground in the market, made presentations and got them into the supply chain.

“I had been selling to the local market for a number of years and knew my product had potential in other markets but didn’t know where to start. iMEP provided in-depth research, identified target market contacts and implemented a promotional strategy to provide opportunities in the market including one with the largest market distributor.”

– Ron Hallihan
Triple H Custom Design Cabinets

MacLoed Resources Inc.

Macleod Resources Inc. Is a marble company with very unique colors and options from Atlantic Canada. The Company felt there natural stone would have appeal in other markets. iMEP did a company and market assessment to find the Jamaican market has a number of high-end tourism developments that were a great Strategic fit. They were able to penetrate this market and sell their product to developers.

“The services of Alex Pelley and his team proved to be invaluable on the Jamaican Trade Mission. His planning Of the mission was superb as it was organized with great attention to detail from start to finish carried out with a comfortable flair. I attended as a participant representing a dimension stone company and was successful in achieving sales directly related to contacts established on the mission. Thank you Alex for all your help and hard work in making the mission a success for MacLeod Resources.”

– Robin McIntosh
MacLeod Resources Inc.