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Social media has become the new word-of-mouth advertising and is no longer a matter of should but must for your company to maintain market share and grow.  In fact the only way to remain relevant and competitive is to join the conversation via social media. Using online social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you can build relationships with current customers for retention. Social media can also make your company more approachable to potential customers.
Although a number of companies have developed some social media, the potential of this powerful marketing tool is underutilized.  Social media pages can be utilized to: Build relationships - social media sites allow your company to engage with current customers(and potential customers) in a two-way discussion.  With content that puts the differentiated benefits of your company on display along with relevant and interesting content, customers can interact in a personal way that builds loyalty and comfort with your brad which is central to retaining and attracting clients; Generate referrals - the average Facebook user has 150 friends and when they interact with your page, all their friends can see this activity.  This generates free advertising and helps keep your company be top of mind.  When someone is looking for a product or service they can quickly provide a link to your Facebook page; Attract new patients - Social media pages can help you quickly increase your audience for your pages which creates a pool of potential new customers.  There are powerful advertising algorithms we are very familiar with that can provide very specific advertising to a desired target market attracting qualified prospects, keeping marketing costs down and providing RESULTS. At iMEP, results to your bottom-line is our only focus and we can leverage a social media strategy to build your company.
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Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform with over 1.5 billion followers and has been extremely important advertising medium for businesses for over ten years providing a low-cost platform to consistently deliver content. iMEP can provide you with the strategie to maximize this powerful tool for content and SEO.


For a number of years Twitter was the world’s fastest growing social media network and provides 300 million followers with over one billion conversations happening every 48 hours. Like Facebook, Twitter has introduced this medium to use its social network for business purposes where “Promoted Tweets” can be targeted at users based on keyword, interest, gender, device type and geography. iMEP can develop an effetive Twitter account to promote your business.


YouTube boasts over one billion users watching hundreds of millions of hours every day providing the most utilized vehicle for visual content marketing. It has grown to become the largest search engine only behind Google. iMEP can provide you with high quality video content can be a significant lead generator and brand promotion.


This online mobile photo-sharing service currently has more than 300 million members and is a favorite to promote products, activities and amenities. It is interesting to note that a 2014 Forrester study identified that Instagram generated 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook. We can strategize to leverage this social tool to promote your business.


Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool with over 40 million monthly active users. It is most useful with actionable services that can be purchased, a campaign for participation, or discounted products that are being offered. With the development of a new “Pin It” button that can be integrated into content sharing bars on websites and other platforms to greatly promote your products and services.

Google +

If you have not been using Google Plus, your business could be missing out on some very important benefits. In recent years the network has undergone some major updates—including the way it helps businesses connect with customers and prospects. iMEP can help you utlize Google Plus to put it to work for your building your brand and business.

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